What do you do to start your day? Get motivated? Release stress?
We at MicKira productions enjoy exercising. We mainly run. It sounds crazy but running actuall releases a lot of stress. We always feel so muh at ease after a 2 or 3 mile run. Nina has been adding miles let see if this year she can reach 13 miles. I mean after all we are in the status of writing a movie. That can become stressful at times. Let us know what you do to release some stress or tension.


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Today sucked. You felt tense, stressed, and sulky.

Want tomorrow to be different? Want to be in a better mood the whole day? It’s easy: Work out early, for about 20 minutes, before you start your day.

You probably already know that exercise is energizing. Researchers at the University of Georgia found that previously sedentary adults who started doing 20 minutes of low- to moderate intensity aerobic exercise three times a week for six weeks reported feeling less fatigued and more energized. The time of day doesn’t matter; work out a little, feel a little better. Even five minutes of moderate exercise can create a mood-enhancement effect.

But one study took a different approach, focusing on the longer-term impact of exercise…

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