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Do you believe that FB and Tweets are read so TV shows can stay in the know what audiences like? Read and see how it is done.



  1. New Twitter TV Ratings

    Years before you had any inkling of the way the Internet would rock your world, you sat on your couch and watched television, occasionally getting up to adjust the rabbit ears or whack the side of the box in an effort to improve the picture. Now, thanks to high speed connectivity and a digital revolution, you’ve got laptops and mobile devices that have completely changed the way you interact with the world. But that TV, while a lot flatter and more advanced, has somehow remained at the center of your living room. And the companies that we all figured would replace the boob tube are doing everything they can to play a supporting role in a living room where the television is still the star. From The Atlantic: Why Facebook and Twitter are fighting over your television.

    + Nielsen is set to start measuring the audience…

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